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Netherlands Trust Fund – phase III (NTF III)


    Welcome to the Netherlands Trust Fund – Phase III

    This Programme, funded by CBI, builds export sector competitiveness in key growth sectors in the 4 beneficiary countries of Bangladesh, Kenya, Myanmar and Uganda.

    It focuses on the exports of services, i.e. the IT & IT enabled Services sectors in Bangladesh, Kenya and Uganda as well as tourism in Myanmar, while addressing needs in traditional agricultural sectors in Kenya (avocado sector) and Uganda (coffee). We address export bottlenecks across the entire value chain to enable companies, and with them the entire sector, to internationalise. Read more

    • Bangladesh


      The project in Bangladesh aims to continue NTF II interventions in the IT and IT-enabled services (IT&ITES) sector and to generate new export revenues for the sector through reaching out to more clients in foreign markets.

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      Kenya IT 

      In Kenya, the IT and IT-enabled services sector (ITES) already presents several competitive advantages. The NTF III project aims to assist the Kenyan IT&ITES industry to capitalize on these advantages, and further increase the export competitiveness of the IT&ITES sector by enhancing the business capacities of selected SMEs and industry associations.

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      Kenya Avocado

      The overall objective of the project is to improve the export performance of the avocado sector in Kenya, by creating greater exporter competitiveness, thereby enabling low income farmers and SMEs to benefit from increased exports. The project builds upon ITC’s NTF II Programme and seeks to update and implement the Avocado Commodity Business Plan (CBP). The recommendations include targeting specific needs of avocado farmers and exporters to guarantee quality and sustainability and putting greater focus on TSI development to expand project impact. The project will contribute towards poverty reduction by stimulating employment creation and income generation.

    • Myanmar

      Myanmar Inclusive Tourism

      The project in Myanmar aims to enhance trade competitiveness of the tourism sector in Kayah State by integrating local producers and service providers into the tourism industry value chains. Harnessing their entrepreneurial capacities, income and employment will be generated for the local population. Awareness of Kayah as tourism destination will be created and Myanmar’s in-bound tour operators and their associations will receive assistance in promoting and marketing the offer.

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      Uganda IT

      IT&ITES is a relatively new sector in Uganda. This project seeks to create and support jobs in the sector by enhancing Uganda’s export competitiveness which will lead to increased export revenues for beneficiary SMEs.

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      Uganda Coffee

      At the impact level, the NTF III Uganda Coffee project aims to contribute to job creation in the coffee sector in Uganda. Increased export competitiveness of the coffee sector is expected to contribute towards sustainable employment for coffee farmer associations in the sector. The project will also work with key trade support institutions to ensure continued sustenance of the sector through improved institutional capacity and provision and dissemination of market intelligence.

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