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The ITC Style Guide

  • Contributing to ITC publications

    As an organization with a multicultural audience, most contributors and readers are not native English speakers. ITC works with authors, contributors, peer reviewers, editors, translators and printers around the globe. These online tools help ensure ITC style and branding.

    The A-Z guide online

    Welcome to the 'living' ITC Style Guide - a site that addresses your most pressing writing and editing needs.

    Oxford Concise Dictionary

    ITC uses the first reference in the Oxford Dictionary as its standard English reference. Go to:


    Basic guidelines, tips, and references to guide translators in French and Spanish.

    UN regional and country maps

    Use the official site of the United Nations to find country and regional maps, in English and French. See guidance for maps here.

    Country names

    As part of the United Nations family, correct use of country names is an essential requirement for all ITC writing. Go to: http://unterm.un.org/UNTERM/portal/welcome

    Guidelines for authors

    Are you working on a publication for ITC? Find here a brief outline of the ITC publications programme, audience, writing style, process, submission requirements and editing references.

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