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  • Sectors ITC

    The International Trade Centre (ITC) assists product and service sectors by linking enterprises to market opportunities, strengthening value chains and supporting the business environment to improve sector performance.

    ITC has completed sector competitiveness projects around the world, particularly in least developed countries (LDCs) and small island developing states (SIDS). By helping developing-country enterprises enhance what and how they source, produce and sell, our work improves livelihoods and fosters business, social and environmental sustainability.  

    • Overview

      Our focus is on market-led development. The core of our approach is strengthening the enabling environment and developing sectors so that enterprises can successfully compete in domestic, regional and international markets.

    • Food and agri business

      ITC works to build sustainable agricultural exports and strengthen intraregional trade.
      In 2012 alone, ITC assisted farmers, communities and agri-food enterprises in 23 least developed countries and small island developing states, increasing their trade and income-generating capacity by 10–20% on average. ITC’s interventions are based on market demand, ensuring sustainability: we assist enterprises in meeting market needs, upgrading value chains and facilitating the creation of linkages between sellers and buyers.

    • Manufactured goods

      ITC assists enterprises and organizations in developing skills to move beyond simple manufacturing and production of textiles and clothing, in generating intellectual property, and in tapping the growth potential of the pharmaceuticals and leather sectors.

    • Trade in services

      Despite strong global growth, services exports continue to make up less than 25% of world exports. Too few developing countries are taking advantage of new opportunities, as businesses and governments often do not have access to services-related data or are not aware of the factors that impact competitiveness. ITC works with countries to develop three clusters of services industries: tourism, transport/logistics/distribution and information technology-enabled business services.

    • Environmental exports

      ITC works to boost Fairtrade and environmental exports of developing countries, including exports of cultural, ethnic and organic products. ITC also supports biodiversity, enables exporters to adapt to climate change and targets increased use of green technologies.