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Manufactured goods

  • Manufactured goods

    The International Trade Centre (ITC) assists enterprises and organizations in developing skills to move beyond simple manufacturing and production of textiles and clothing, in generating intellectual property, and in tapping the growth potential of the pharmaceuticals and leather sectors.

    • Leather

      Leather and leather products are among the most widely traded products worldwide, and they are based on a renewable and readily available resource. It is estimated that international trade exceeds US$ 80 billion annually, and it is expected to continue growing alongside the increase in population and urbanization of developing and emerging countries.

    • Textiles and clothing

      Buyers and retailers around the world expect their suppliers to take on more responsibilities and provide services beyond simple manufacturing and production. To assist enterprises and associations in developing these skills to sustain their competitiveness, ITC provides support in material sourcing, supply chain management, product development and design, export marketing and the use of electronic applications.

    • Creative industries

      Creative industries involve the use of an individual's creativity, skill and talent for job and wealth creation through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property. ITC targets the sectors of artisanal products, visual arts and music in developing and transition economies by encouraging entrepreneurialism and providing technical assistance to promote trade opportunities and develop producers’ export capabilities.

    • Pharmaceutical starting materials

      The pharmaceutical industry at large fared well during the global economic crisis, but the crisis still brought about several important changes to the industry. It pushed companies to devise new strategies for continued growth, particularly in terms of product diversification and geographical expansion. ITC provides timely information on industry developments through a market report on pharmaceutical starting materials to keep market players, particularly those from developing countries, abreast of industry developments.