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Events - ITC trade in services e-learning

  • ITC launches an e-learning course on trade in services

     01 Feb 2017




    Services account for half of the global trade in value added terms and 70 percent of world GDP. As services are becoming more “tradable”, countries increasingly look into services trade as a means to diversify their exports and improve economic efficiency. This course introduces participants to the different aspects of competitiveness in trade in services, with the aim of identifying specific actions to enhance it. The course lectures cover the importance of trade in services for a country’s economy from a developmental perspective, the framework for assessing competitiveness in trade in services, and finally the role which Trade and Investment Support Institutions (TISIs) can play in supporting small and medium service enterprises through policy advocacy, sector development and capacity building. Particular focus is placed on value chains, as well as on the role of digital technology for trade in services. This course is primarily aimed at trade advisors and staff working in TISIs, trade promotion organizations (TPOs), export promotion organizations (EPOs), as well as government organizations.


    The course "Building Competitiveness in Trade in Services" will commence on 20 February 2017. Interested participants can register here.