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  • Often times, the best solutions come from your peers. ITC has compiled information from TSIs around the world on solutions to design, start and maintain trade support networks.


    • TPO Network

      The TPO Network facilitates the dynamic exchange of information, good practices, experiences and collaboration about offering export-oriented services among TPOs. It provides a platform where individual organizations may benefit from the synergies of TPOs working together in the spirit of continual and mutual improvement through online and offline forums.

    • Strengthen TSI Cooperation

      Donors, stakeholders and beneficiaries are increasingly concerned about the lack of impact that trade related technical assistance are producing due to the duplication of services by TSIs and other development agencies. To respond to this, TSIs are pooling their resources, skills and knowledge to form networks which together provide a complete and relevant range of service offers. This approach allows TSIs together to reach wider audiences in an effective and efficient manner.

    • TSI directory

    • Importers' associations

      The aim of the Directory is to provide developing countries and economies in transition with a reference book of importers’ associations that will facilitate trade contacts between potential or existing exporters and representative organisations in importing markets.



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