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Online trade intelligence portal

  • Online trade intelligence portal

    A number of developing countries have introduced or are considering the introduction of a Trade Portal as a means of facilitating trade development and providing access to trade intelligence on international markets for their business community.

    The issues for the development of such portals are among others:

    • Development of an appropriate solution with regard to the target audience
    • Content to be displayed
    • Promotion mechanism
    • Maintenance of the solution, the content, users’ interest
    • Costs

    In order to have a good understanding of what it entails for an institution to develop a trade intelligence portal, ITC has been conducting consultations with trade support institutions from more than 15 countries in order to define what are the key requirements of a next generation trade intelligence portal and designed an online guide to focus on what would be the 10 necessary steps to develop such an important tool.

    “From single pieces of trade information services to an integrated, customizable innovative solution” in the trade intelligence field is the proposed response through this online guide for the next generation trade intelligence portal.

    This online guide is composed of 10 steps with a mix of testimonials from experts, videos and good practices across the World.

    To access the online guide click here.