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    The Glossary of the International Trade Centre (ITC) on the technical terms used in the packaging sector is a database designed to provide updated information on the specific terminology used in the packaging industry. This Glossary is a tool placed at the disposal of users for information only. It is not designed to replace the appropriate professional advice in any way. Users are invited to submit their comments and observations by email to Mr. Frederic Couty, Senior Adviser, Export Packaging at the following email address: fcouty[at]intracen.org

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  • K


    A small cask, usually of about 40 litres (10 gallons) or less capacity.

    Key colour

    Black, the fourth ‘colour’(K) customarily used in process printing.


    Detailed layout drawing of the shape, dimensions, borders, creases and overlaps of the surface to be printed, thus giving the designer the constraints within which the design must be fitted. Also known as a ‘mechanical’ layout.

    Key-opening can

    A can designed to be opened by winding the lid off around a key, e.g. a sardine can.

    Kiln-dried timber

    Timber from which the moisture content has been reduced to 12%-18% by weight, used for crates or boxes.

    Knocked-down (KD)

    Description applied to cartons and boxes which can be collapsed, stored and shipped in a flattened state.


    Round, hard defect in timber; a cross section of a branch imbedded in wood.


    Paper and paperboard made from virgin wood pulp treated by the sulphate process. The natural colour is brown.

    Kraft liner

    See: Linerboard.

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