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    The Glossary of the International Trade Centre (ITC) on the technical terms used in the packaging sector is a database designed to provide updated information on the specific terminology used in the packaging industry. This Glossary is a tool placed at the disposal of users for information only. It is not designed to replace the appropriate professional advice in any way. Users are invited to submit their comments and observations by email to Mr. Frederic Couty, Senior Adviser, Export Packaging at the following email address: fcouty[at]intracen.org

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    Nailing pattern

    Specific instructions used to de­scribe location or position of nails used on ex­terior containers.

    Narrow Mouth

    Acontainer mouth having an opening roughly one half the diameter of the container or less.


    The narrow upper part of a container between the shoulder and the opening. The nozzle containing the dispensing orifice of a collapsible tube.

    Necked-in container

    Container, the body of which is abruptly reduced in diameter at top or bot­tom end to provide for stacking and to economise on the size/cost of end components.

    Neck Insert

    Part of the mold assembly which forms the neck and finish. Also called the neck ring.


    Containers fitted into each other for storage or shipment. The sides are often tapered to permit the empty containers to fit inside one another.

    Netting (plastic)

    Continuous extruded netting of plastic material, usually polyethylene, which can be converted into bags, sleeves or wraps.


    An ester of nitric acid and cellulose used in the manufacture of celluloid, and synthetic lacquers.

    Non-returnable container

    A container designed for one-trip use, to be discarded or recycled after its first use.


    Plain lettering consisting only of straight lines and curves with no embellishment. Also referred to as ‘sans-serif’ lettering.

    Non-skid coating

    Surface treatment of cases or bags to increase surface tension or friction to reduce slippage in stacking or palletizing operations.


    A round fitting or device, forming part of a container and closure to facilitate filling, dispensing or pouring.

    Nutritional label

    Statement on a food product’s package concerning its nutritional composition, the format and content of the statement often defined by regulation.

    Nylon film

    A thermoplastic film made from polyamide resins; highly transparent, good water vapour transmission rate (WVTR), good resistance to grease and oil and wide temperature range. Can be deep-drawn by thermoforming.

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