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EU – Bhutan Trade Support

  • The EU – Bhutan Trade Support project aims to diversify exports by improving the national trade and investment regulatory framework, and increase exports of horticulture products and textile handicrafts.

    The 3-year EU-funded project, worth EUR 4 million, seeks to ultimately increase incomes along the two value chains in order to contribute to economic growth and poverty reduction.

    The project provides trade capacity building and technical assistance, with a strong focus on training and skills development. National skills for formulating and implementing trade and investment policies will be reinforced. Integrated and market-led value chains will be developed and supply-side capacities built to add value to export products. Activities will also possibly contribute to the implementation of the “Brand Bhutan” initiative.

    The project integrates crosscutting issues, particularly women and youth, gender equality and protection of the environment, into the design and implementation of the activities, in line with Bhutan's policies and priorities.


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