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    1. Strengthened capacity to advocate for the removal of sector trade barriers

    ITC supports EAC’s efforts in reducing trade barriers in selected sub-sectors. This reduces trading cost/time and attracts trade and investment. Activities include increasing transparency on trade procedures and enhancing private sector capacity to identify and advocate removing trade barriers such as non-tariff measures (NTMs).

    Recommended policy options will benefit from increased visibility through awareness creation and trade facilitation portals, set-up in collaboration with the United Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

    2. Enhanced export competitiveness for SMEs

    SMEs’ export competitiveness will be enhanced in target value chains, through increased awareness and compliance with destination market requirements. It will include the following activities:

    • Improving awareness of market requirements;
    • Improving compliance with compulsory and voluntary standards;
    • Increasing value addition; and
    • Improving access to finance.

    3. Improved business development capacities for SMEs

    Other efforts aim at improving enterprise and business support organizations' capacities as well as creating opportunities for business development in the target value chains. It will include the following activity areas:

    • Strengthening Trade and Investment Support Institutions (TISIs);
    • Developing export and investment linkages;

    One programme, five countries

    MARKUP not only targets the agro-business but also aims teaching insight about export competitiveness, awareness of market requirements, and compliance with compulsory and voluntary standards, value addition and access to finance to SMES in the EAC. Each member states in the EAC, will have programme tailored to their needs, which includes increasing compliance for intra-regional and European trade requirements.


    Direct beneficiaries of the project are SMEs and public/private institutions operating in selected value chains including coffee, tea, cocoa, avocado, spices and horticulture in the EAC region.

    Beneficiaries and partners also include main Government Ministries, Departments, Standard/quality organizations and public institutions, trade and investment support institutions.

    Final beneficiaries are men and women employed in export-related businesses and in the selected value chains.

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