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    Under this partnership, FCDO, CCPIT, CADFund and ITC jointly aim to increase investment-led exports and local development in two productive sectors, agro-processing and light manufacturing, in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Zambia.

    The PIGA is a 4-year FCDO-funded project (May 2017 to April 2021), implemented by ITC. It is a component of Manufacturing Africa, a large FCDO programme linking private sector investors, buyers, financiers and governments in several African countries, to boost manufacturing and create jobs by increasing foreign direct investment (FDI).

    Project objectives


    To increase exports, jobs and local development through foreign investments and business partnerships in the agro-processing and light manufacturing sectors in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Zambia.


    Increased foreign investment and business partnerships in the agro-processing and light manufacturing sectors in the four countries.

    Expected results

    • Output 1: Business and investment leads generated between Chinese and African companies in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Zambia, within the two selected sectors
    • Output 2: Strengthened institutional capacity to deliver investor-related services in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Zambia
    • Output 3: FDI enabling environment promoted and knowledge shared through high-level dialogue and business platforms

    Particular attention will be given to maximising and monitoring the contribution of the project to reducing gender inequality. It is likely that the majority of jobs created, particularly in manufacturing, will be filled by women. Attention will also be given to helping women-owned or managed SMEs benefit from opportunities generated by the project.

    Project beneficiaries

    Direct beneficiaries are SMEs in the following four countries:

    Focus sectors: the agro-processing and light manufacturing sectors.

    Final beneficiaries: men and women employed in related industries.

    Partners and other beneficiaries: public and private Trade and Investment Support Institutions (TISIs), Government Ministries, Investment Promotion Agencies, Chambers of Commerce, sector and specialized associations, policy makers.

    Main activities

    Facilitate and generate business partnerships between African and Chinese companies

    • Organize B2B events, investment awareness seminars and visits of Chinese investors to Africa
    • Build capacities of African companies to receive FDI and technology transfer
    • Promote linkages between investors and local suppliers

    Strengthen capacities to deliver investment services

    • Improve TISIs’ investment promotion services
    • Develop investment guides and online investment information platforms for foreign investors
    • Improve TISIs’ effectiveness in measuring and monitoring FDIs

    Overcome obstacles to FDI and enable knowledge sharing between Africa, China and the UK

    • Conduct public-private roundtables to address challenges faced by foreign investors
    • Organize high-level investment business summits and workshops for experience and knowledge sharing

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