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Ukraine - Eastern Partnership: Ready to Trade

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    About: The Eastern Partnership Ready to Trade project assists small and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs) from Ukraine and other European Partnership countries to access new markets with a focus on the European Union (EU).  

    Beneficiaries: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) of berry and apparel sectors, relevant business support organizations (BSOs) and other sector representative bodies in Ukraine.

    Main benefits for small and medium-sized enterprises:

    • Enhanced capacities to produce goods in accordance with global and EU market demands through advisory services, coaching and trainings on certification, packaging, production, marketing, branding, promotion and others
    • Increased awareness of the requirements for access to international and EU markets through various workshops and seminars
    • New business linkages with the EU through participation in trade fairs, study tours, buyer/seller meeting and other

    Main benefits for business support organizations:

    • Improved business development services through capacity-building activities on sectoral trade intelligence, quality management and certification procedures
    • Expanded skills and network as a result of participation in trainings and consulting events for SMEs

    Target product groups:

    Berry sector:  

    • Fresh berries: wild, conventual and organic
    • Semi-processed berries: wild, conventual and organic (frozen, dried
    • and freeze-dried)
    • Processed berries: jams, marinades, fillings and fillers, syrups and
    • toppings, drinks, sweets, purees including baby food, pastila and
    • snacks

    Apparel sector:

    • men's, women's and children's clothing
    • special clothing
    • underwear
    • embroideries (ethno clothing)
    • etc.

    Eastern Partnership: Ready to Trade in Ukraine at a glance


    How we work: The project assists exporting and export-ready SMEs along the whole value chain in producing value added goods in accordance with international and EU market requirements and links these SMEs to international markets. In particular, the programme aims at:

    • Developing roadmaps for selected value chains in Ukraine
    • Providing targeted capacity-building, market access and other advisory services
    • Enhancing capacities of sectoral BSOs to provide SMEs with quality and relevant services along the value chain
    • Creating business linkages

    Expected Results:

    • Greater export flow of goods from Ukraine to the EU market
    • Enhanced competitiveness of Ukranian SMEs
    • Improved business-development services provided by national BSOs

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