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    The International Trade Centre’s (ITC) Refugee Employment and Skills Initiative (RESI) provides innovative, trade-led and market-based solutions to create jobs and generate income for refugees and their host community to build self-reliance and foster economic resilience.

    RESI tailors its activities with targeted private and public partnerships, builds strong market connections, and brings capacity building to the next level through relevant network connections and mentorship. With this approach, RESI ensures newly acquired skillsets translate into actual income gains and job creation.

    RESI harnesses the productive potential of refugees and host community members in Kenya, Jordan and Tanzania in the sectors of online freelancing and home décor.

    RESI partners with leading local social enterprises and experts to build market linkages and upgrade skillsets. This provides important foundations to create tangible job opportunities that enhance local and national economic integration. Partners contribute precious market information on how to operate and do business with clients and play a key role in the mentorship and coaching stage of RESI projects.

    RESI is ITC’s first direct implementation in refugee camps. Through its collaboration with partners like the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), RESI is an example of humanitarian-development cooperation. Working with partners with a high field knowledge allows RESI to tailor its projects to the needs of its project participants.



    The five guiding principles of RESI projects are: collaboration, understanding, inclusivity, sustainability and resultspilars


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    RESI works with Somali and Kenyan women artisans from Dadaab, Kenya and has helped them organise as a collective to market their products to retailers and customers in Kenya and beyond.

    Support them by following their activities online:


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    Online freelancing has opened up a whole realm of job opportunities for workers around the world. RESI works to bring digital opportunities to refugees and their host communities in Kenya and Jordan.

    Need online freelancers to support your business or reasearch? See if the Dadaab Collective Freelance Agency might be able to help you:


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    For general, partnership or press enquiries, please contact us at resi@intracen.org