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ITC Approach

  • Access to trade can play a positive role in creating economic opportunities and enhancing resilience for people affected by forced displacement. ITC has significant expertise in harnessing the productive potential of disadvantaged communities by connecting them to markets and linking supply and demand.

    This approach allows ITC to identify the connection points between targeted populations and global markets, placing ITC in a unique position to develop initiatives that can provide people affected by forced displacement with skills to generate sustainable livelihoods and enhance economic resilience of affected countries.

    ITC’s strategy consists of a trade-led, market-based push and pull approach. This means that ITC’s approach focuses on combining push interventions (supply-led), that aim to equip targeted groups with necessary skills, capacities and assets, with pull initiatives (demand-led), that aim to connect targeted groups to markets and increasing the quantity and quality of market opportunities available. ITC aims to bring the targeted populations into the international trade sphere, creating connections between buyers’ demand and target group supply.

    ITC has been successfully applying its approach to harness the economic potential of affected populations and communities, building the capacities of target populations, but also their capacity to cope - at local and national levels - with the strains that the exceptional situation presents.

    RESI applies ITC’s innovative trade-led and market-based solutions to protracted displacement contexts. RESI creates jobs for both refugees and their hosts to help generate income, build self-reliance and foster economic resilience.

    Check out our RESI projects to see an example of how ITC works in contexts of forced displacement.

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