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RESI Tanzania

  • Agricultural opportunities for refugees and host community in Kigoma, Tanzania

    The region of Kigoma is the largest recipient region of refugees and displaced person in Tanzania, both from Burundi and Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The numbers continue to increase from both countries to the Kigoma region.

    As a result of these challenges, there is the need to support the refugee population through humanitarian response, and also increase the long-term development support to the host communities in the closest districts, through bridging the gap between refugees and the host communities.

    In Tanzania, RESI will support closer integration between refugees, displaced persons and host community members through facilitating job creation and income generation in the agricultural value chain, focusing on cassava, maize and beans. The agriculture development programme will make it possible for farmers to plant, harvest and sell enough high-quality crops to boost their income and increase food security.

    This is achieved by linking farmers to maize and beans buyers through a Market Centre and facilitating access to fair harvest contracts, obtaining agricultural inputs and credit to increase yields, and offering other forms of support from consortium members or other providers. The programme will connect farmers to various market players that are interested in engaging with small farmers to ensure a sustainable and resilient agriculture sector. By increasing the quality and quantity of the agriculture sector in Kigoma both the refugee and host community will be able to access better work and income opportunities.

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