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  • Are you an SME?

    Our assessment can help your enterprise identify areas where improvement is required— to COMPETE by determining whether current production is efficient and if the product meets market requirements; to CONNECT by evaluating the extent of firm’s linkage to customers, business partners, and institutions; to CHANGE by assessing whether firms have the capacity to make investments to adapt to fast-changing markets.
    By participating in the survey, SMEs can raise national and international awareness about the challenges and opportunities they face. By answering the survey questions, your enterprise can help change national policies to make them more friendly to small business. In the process, you will also learn more about the competitiveness of your enterprise.

    e-Learning for Entrepreneurs

    e-Learning for EntrepreneursIn addition, ITC’s online SME Trade Academy offers several free web-based courses for entrepreneurs! These courses include:

    • Meeting standards in the agri-food sector
    • Introduction to business plans
    • Introduction to exporting to China
    • The role of standards in sustainable supply chains
    • Export finance and payments

    Find more courses at ITC SME Trade Academy


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    For more information, please contact us: smecompetitiveness@intracen.org