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  • Identifying investment-ready SMEs

    SMEs have tremendous potential to make an impact on sustainable development through the employment they generate, the business practices they choose to adopt, the sectors in which they operate and their impact on innovation and diversification in the economy. ITC analysis suggests that SMEs can make a positive impact on 60% of the individual SDG targets. Hence, drawing more financing into SMEs in developing countries would yield disproportionate dividends in terms of SDG progress, while delivering healthy returns for investors.

    Identifying investment-ready SMEs

    Investors can promote the long-term profitability of their portfolios by investing in sustainable development. Analysis of SMECS firm-level data shows investors which sectors are most likely to succeed, the investment readiness of particular enterprises, and where there is significant potential to contribute to particular SDGs. Firm-level data of this nature is relatively underexplored by the investment community, but can be a useful tool to help investors make informed decisions.

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