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ITC's 50th anniversary - Client testimonials

    • Ingrid I. Vanore-Speer

      Ingrid I. Vanore-Speer

      President and Organizer, Geneva International Women Entrepreneurs’ Forum; Economist; Former Director, United Nations, Senior Adviser on Gender in Trade Development

      ITC is a pioneer in the area of Women in Trade Development (WITD) and Gender in Trade Development (GITD). ITC recognizes that women’s participation in trade development is inter-sectoral and affects all levels of policy and decision-making processes, as well as the operational phases of initiatives.

      Since 1982, ITC has participated to the extent of its mandate in international development efforts to promote integrating women into development initiatives.

      In addition to integrating gender into its activities, ITC has introduced a trade and entrepreneurship dimension into the international development community’s reflections on future policies and strategies. These efforts aim to embed the role of women in trade.

      ITC contributed to Africa’s WITD Strategy. In the Asia and the Pacific region, WITD successfully integrated the gender dimension by mainstreaming women in its import and export development projects. Similar initiatives have been implemented in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well a workshop for the Malta Association of women in Business.

      ITC contributed to the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, September 1995, by launching a Worldwide Survey of National Machineries, Women’s Business Associations and Women’s Entrepreneurs Associations and Federations. Questionnaires were distributed to identify technical assistance needs and to better integrate women in domestic, regional and international trade.

      Results were fed into ITC’s unique women in business/entrepreneurs database and into ITC’s regional and global preparatory process for the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women. This included renewing and managing the Working Group on Women in Trade Development.

    • Cader Sayed-Hossen

      Cader Sayed-Hossen

      Minister of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection, Mauritius

      I would wish on behalf of Mauritius to express my thanks to the International Trade Centre for having assisted us over a number of years in enhancing our trade competitiveness and in helping us technically to become better exporters and to enhance our trade.

    • Client testimonials

      Pacita U. Juan

      President, Philippines Coffee Board Inc; President, International Women’s Coffee Alliance, Philippines chapter; President, ECHOstore

      We have sold US$ 25,000 worth of coffee in just one Christmas season to government institutions, up from US $10,000 annual sales. This is because ITC encouraged me to be more creative in procurement by selling to institutions such as the Land Bank of the Philippines.

      I met Accenture Global through ITC’s Global Platform on Sourcing from Women Vendors, which I found out about during ITC’s first Women and Vendors Exhibition and Forum in September 2011, in Chongqing, China. Six months later, Accenture ordered coffee from my company, ECHOstore.

    • Client testimonials

      Md. Hossain Ali

      Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
      DCCI Business Institute

      Since 2004, the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) Business Institute (DBI) has been delivering courses on ITC’s Modular Learning System in Supply Chain Management [MLS-SCM(P)] and holding examinations. DCCI is the only Authorized Examination Body of ITC in Bangladesh.

      The main objective of the course is to train participants how to obtain quality inputs at the most competitive prices. The motto of the course is ‘buying into competitiveness’. These courses are improving the capacity of our businesses to become competitive in globalized markets both at home and abroad by effectively managing the supply chain.

      In 2010 and 2011, DCCI won the ITC’s MLS-SCM(P) Best Network Partner Institution Award. One of DBI’s lead trainers, Syed Asgar Ali, Import Manager, BOC Bangladesh Ltd, was awarded the certificate of ‘the Best Success Story Winner 2010’. Ali demonstrated that using the tools and techniques of MLS-SCM(P) in his organization resulted in a saving of EUR 2.6 million in just one year.

      So far, 543 women and men have participated in the certificate, 256 in the advanced certificate and 176 in the diploma courses. Out of them, 138 have received certificates, 55 have been awarded advanced certificates, and 46 have earned diplomas.

    • Mr. Regnold George

      Regnold George

      Managing Director
      World Logistics. Co. Ltd, Tanzania

      Personally, the ITC training programme I have participated in had a huge effect on my thinking and on my business. The course has enabled me to run my own logistics company, specializing in freight forwarding services and distribution. I now have thorough knowledge and expertise to manage business tasks in an effective and efficient manner.

      Thanks to the ITC training, I’m surrounded by business experts from different countries I can turn to for advice.

      I admit that ITC changed my life in the way I look at enterprises.

    • Mr. Robert R. Akinde

      Robert R. Akinde

      Director General
      Benin Agency for Export Promotion (ABePEC), Benin

      The JITAP programme between 2000 and 2007 provided my Agency with an information center on the WTO. It also led to the development of various sector development strategies, including for cashew, cassava and rice.
      The implementation of the AGON project in 2010-2012 facilitated access to finance for 200 exporting SMEs in the pineapple value chain for a total of 4,292,702,680 CFA. SMEs were able to export their pineapples as a result.

      The implementation of the Benchmarking Programme has enabled the Agency to identify its strengths and weaknesses, to make structural and functional reforms, train staff on Results Based Management and improved its performance.

      As a result of this improvement, ABePEC was recognized as the best Trade Promotion Agency in a Least Developed Country and earned 3rd prize for Excellence in Export Development in 2012.

    • Ms. Mame Cany Fall

      Mame Cany Fall

      MCF Solutions Marketing, Senegal

      In 2006 I received training in the Business Management System and in 2009 in SME Export Potential Diagnostic by ITC, the latter offered as part of the ACCESS programme for Senegalese business women.

      The ITC certification I received as “Advisor in SME development” in 2007 is very important to me as it opens many doors for me and my company. It makes clients listen to me and I am sure that the quality of my work reinforces the good image of ITC.

      In my work I use methodologies, concepts and tools developed by ITC. They are recognized internationally as very good references.

      I benefit from having access to the right information through ITC’s web site and market analysis tool.

      I have worked with very qualified trainers who put all their expertise and know-how at our disposal with much rigor, generosity and professionalism.

    • Mr. Andrew Otsieno

      Andrew Otsieno

      CEO and Consultant
      EMD-Kenya, Kenya

      Over the past three years, following my training and certification by ITC as an Enterprise Management Development Expert, I have trained and mentored over 100 consultants in preparation for certification as enterprise management development advisors. I have also trained over 450 enterprise owners/managers in how to improve the international competitiveness of their businesses. In addition, I have been involved in numerous business counselling, strategic planning, organization assessments, and programme/project evaluations.

      EMD-Kenya was certified in 2006 by the International Trade Centre - Geneva as a national centre of Enterprise Management Development programmes. We partner with trade promotion organizations to create internationally competitive enterprises and business management advisers that enterprises are looking for.

    • Elizabeth Mbogo- Mwendah

      Elizabeth Mbogo- Mwendah

      Botanic Treasures Ltd
      Botanic Treasures Ltd is a social enterprise with an overall aim of producing natural health products that combat malnutrition, degenerative diseases and support food security.

      My sincere gratitude for all your help and support during this programme on Enterprise Export Capacity Development; it’s really been such an eye opener for me and my business. Thinking through all the areas of my business as a whole but with different parts that have a synergy to deliver desired results has been more than phenomenal. THANK YOU.

    • Emmanuel Ofori-Bah

      Emmanuel Ofori-Bah

      Managing Consultant
      Integrated Management Consult Ltd., Ghana

      Since 2009 I have participated in ITC training workshops, which built my capacity in the Business Management System methodology.

      I am more skilled and more confident in enterprise diagnosis and strategy design and planning. I now possess knowledge of and on the application of a most unique way of defining a business. I have the benefit of improved understanding of criteria for excellence; increased ability to diagnose enterprise ineffectiveness and inefficiencies; improved productivity; and the use of diagnoses, and strategy design and planning software.

      I have been able to coach various SMEs in Ghana on business management and strategy development.

    • Gyan Chandra Acharya

      Gyan Chandra Acharya

      Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Counties and Small Island Developing States

      In the last 50 years, ITC has done very good work, especially in those [countries] that don’t have capacity. I hope that in the next 10, 15, 20, 50 years, ITC would further enhance its collaboration with these countries, now that we have the trade facilitation agreement in WTO. We do hope that the role of ITC will be continuously enhanced, strengthened, in terms of its contribution not only to these countries but also contribution in the global dialogue that we are having on the post-2015 development agenda.

      There are very few organizations in the UN system which are working together with the private sector and the small and medium-sized enterprises. They are an engine of growth, they are also the main vehicle for creating wealth and also reducing poverty.

    • Fahim Mashroor

      Fahim Mashroor

      President, Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS)

      [ITC’s] NTFII [programme] has had a great impact on the development of the IT sector, particularly with export capability to Europe, different European markets, including Denmark, Netherlands and the UK. We have found that 50% of the companies that took part in the programme have had good direct results from the B2B matchmaking activities.

      We have seen the growth rate of these companies of over 30%, and there are a number of companies that had a growth rate of over 100%.

    • Kebba S. Touray

      Kebba S. Touray

      Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment, The Gambia

      ITC is really helping us to be able to generate reliable data for planning purposes. And this is very important. Without proper planning, you can hardly get anywhere.

      Our collaboration with ITC has to begin from the development of projects, working with us to solicit funding for these projects, developing strategies for implementation and even assisting us in the planning of implementation. It’s quite a fruitful collaboration and we’re very happy with their support.

    • Nii Ansah-Adjaye

      Nii Ansah-Adjaye

      Chief Director, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ghana

      The two things that [ITC’s Ethical Fashion Initiative] is going to do is to create employment and at the same time also allow for capacity building which will permeate within the rural communities. These raw material suppliers are also able to link into global supply chains.

    • Antoni Estevadeordal

      Antoni Estevadeordal

      Manager, Integration and Trade Sector, Inter-American Development Bank

      A great advantage of ITC is your global reach. We are working in Latin America, you are working globally. So bringing some of the experiences from other regions to our region; that’s an area in which we would definitely be able to collaborate in the future.

    • Saidrahmon Nazriev

      Saidrahmon Nazriev

      Deputy Minister, Economic Development and Trade, Tajikistan

      I would like to note the ITC staff’s high level of professionalism because they strategically chose two very important sectors of our country’s economy.

      Results show that more than 120,000 tons of dried fruit were exported in 2012. The main importers were Russia and other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. For the first time, we also exported to Europe. All this is a result of the ITC project.

    • Yaduvendra Mathur

      Yaduvendra Mathur

      Chairman and Managing Director, Export-Import Bank of India

      The Supporting India’s Trade Preferences for Africa’s Poor (SITA) project actually brings in a lot of information which Exim Bank can share with the private sector in India. We are using a lot of the published data and the maps, the business maps that ITC produces. We will be able to access the skill set of ITC to share this information with our Indian companies, as well as with the companies in these African countries, so that the marriage, that blending of the skills and the competencies, can really [deliver] export competitiveness.

    • Stephen Marvie, Jr.

      Stephen Marvie, Jr.

      Assistant Minister for Commerce and Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Liberia

      With the help of the ITC, we are finalizing our export strategy. Our trade policy has been non-existent, and we’re putting together Liberia’s first trade policy that will be implemented. So we can’t ask for so much more, ITC has really been there. Thank you.

    • Clay Forau Soalaoi

      Clay Forau Soalaoi

      Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Solomon Islands

      We have benefitted a lot especially in the area of project development. That’s an area that ITC has specialized in and countries like ours lack the capacity to properly plan and develop projects that will attract the funding from donors.

    • Client testimonials

      Oksana Kim

      Director, Department of Export Strategies
      National Export & Investment Agency “KAZNEX INVEST”, Kazakhstan

      ITC’s efforts in contributing to strengthening KAZNEX INVEST’s institutional capacity through successfully implemented initiatives and events are highly valued. Especially, the ITC Assessment and Benchmarking Programme, within the framework of which ITC experts designed and organized a workshop on Strategy Planning for KAZNEX INVEST. We would like to reiterate our gratitude for excellently managed trainings on export strategies’ development methodology conducted by ITC consultants. This helped us to implement best practice solutions in our work.

    • Client testimonials

      Ahadu Gebereamlak

      Managing Director at Center for African Leadership Development and Country Representative for Cherokee Consulting, a US business consulting firm in Ethiopia

      ITC’s Business Management System (BMS) is a fantastic diagnosis, strategy design and implementation tool, which has increased my confidence, expertise and competence. I supported four export-oriented companies with this methodology in a practical and comprehensive manner.

      One of my clients said: ‘This method delivered quality output and helped me see where I stand now and where I could go for the future.’

      I use the BMS approach and the structure in the consulting businesses I run and in my day-to-day management practice. BMS has become a permanent paradigm and a ‘thought-infrastructure’ in my professional life.

    • Client testimonials

      Altante Désirée BIBOUM

      Ph.D., Management Science; ITC certified Expert in Development and Business Management; Trainer Main Regional ACCESS!, ECCAS, ITC; Lecturer in African universities and high schools

      Thank you ITC for your permanent presence beside African businesswomen. I participated in ITC’s ACCESS! for African Businesswomen in International Trade programme. I used these skills to organize training sessions targeting African businesswomen, including more than 200 Cameroonian entrepreneurs.

      I have tutored a team of Senegalese consultants on ITC’s Business Management System (BMS) programme. In 2008, the International Labour Organization recruited me as the National Coordinator for Cameroon with the Regional Support Programme for the Development of Women Entrepreneurship. Since 2010, I have delivered training to trainers from Chad, Congo and DRC.

      My experience with ITC began in Cameroon in 2004, with a capacity-building session for national consultants on BMS. I was then certified as an Export Management Development (EMD) Adviser using BMS in Cameroon.

    • Client testimonials

      Ben Naturida

      Associate, Nathan Associates Inc.; Trade Development Specialist/Adviser for a Trade Advocacy Fund supporting the Uganda Ministry of Trade, Industry and Commerce on international trade agreements and negotiations; former Deputy Executive Director, Uganda Export Promotion Board

      Under ITC’s ACCESS! for African Businesswomen in International Trade programme I trained more than 50 women-owned enterprises to upscale their export capacities. ACCESS! has boosted exports, with women’s groups such the Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Ltd playing a prominent role in enterprise development.

      In 2010, the number of exporting companies reached 3,4000 compared to about 1,000 in 2006. Country exports were US$ 2 billion in 2010 compared to US$600 million in 2005. South-South cooperation has been strengthened as Uganda-based enterprise management development specialists support enterprises across East Africa.

      I supported 300 informal, women-owned enterprises to join business associations and formally trade across borders. More than 3,000 coffee farmers are adding value to their product and exporting. ITC’s enterprise diagnostic tools were valuable in helping enterprises become more competitive. I have also worked with ITC to train enterprise development advisers who provide services to exporting enterprises

      The key to success has been ITC’s Business Management System and Enterprise Diagnostic tools, such as Compass. ITC’s state-of-the-art trade market analysis tools and data have enabled me to advise Uganda’s Ministry of Trade on multilateral and bilateral trade agreements. They also supported us to create a national export strategy.

    • Client testimonials

      Daniel Mghwira

      Lead Consultant and Trainer, Miradi Associations Ltd, Arusha, Tanzania

      Using the ITC’s Business Management System (BMS) model, I start with the concept of ‘business definition’, I know I have a good start on the assignment and as soon as I produce the draft report, I expect the client to notice a difference in terms of the language and the concepts

      I used BMS to design a Graduate Competitiveness Training Programme to assist Tanzanian higher learning graduates to better sell and market their skills, including preparing CVs and applications letters, as well as interview skills. This enables them to pursue rewarding careers. I have tested it in two universities and the response is amazing. I am looking for sponsors to roll it out.

      When I was a Country Programme Officer for the African Institute for Capacity Development, ITC trained me in the practical application of BMS and its tools for enhancing enterprise competitiveness, which I now use across East Africa. I am certified by ITC as an adviser and use BMS tools to identify high-market potential, support donor-funded programmes, design NGO strategies and deliver training.

    • Client testimonials

      Henry Mbidde

      CEO, Peak Management and Business Consultants Ltd, Uganda

      I have used ITC’s Business Management System (BMS) model and Enterprise Management tools to support numerous enterprises to develop robust operational strategies based on accurate resource acquisition and allocation decisions. I have also helped various public sector institutions to overcome operational challenges.

      ITC’s training has enabled me to analyse the gaps in what businesses needed as professional management and development services and what was practically available, based on the BMS Gap Analysis tool. I have also assessed various companies’ needs for ‘e-nabling’ to realize marketing objectives.

      I have worked for ITC as a technical assistant to conduct a gap analysis for several Ugandan sectors and as a national trainer/coach for developing a value-addition chain for the coffee sector. I also participated in ITC’s Certified Trade Advisers Programme in the coffee sector.

    • Client testimonials

      Malika Makhkamova

      Deputy Director, Kamolot 1 Consulting Group, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

      ITC supported us to create Kamolot 1, which means ‘perfectness’ or ‘peak’, specializing in ISO implementation. In 2012, we received the Consulting Project of the Year award at the annual Consulting Without Borders international conference for implementing ISO 9001:2008 at the Tajik flight catering company. In 2013, Kamolot 1 won second place at the same conference for implementing hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) norms at five food processing companies in Ghana. Some are now exporting to the European Union.

      In 2007, under ITC’s Trade Promotion Programme, Kamolot 1 consultants participated in Lead Auditor Courses on ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and ISO 17025. Our consultant worked with ITC to implement ISO 22000 in two food processing companies, which were certified by the Norwegian certification agency. We implemented ISO 17025 in state food laboratories and two laboratories were certified by the German accreditation body.

      ITC conducted training-of-the-trainers (TOTs) on World Trade Organization agreements. Our consultants conducted workshops for SMEs in major cities. Our training programme has now been requested by the Chambers of Commerce and Trade of Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation.

    • Client testimonials

      Lovemore Nkhata Malunga

       Food Safety Consultant

      I have worked with ITC and international firms to build food safety capacity in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. This would not have possible without ITC’s support.

      IThere is growing awareness about the importance of food safety management systems in the industry. I am now an independent food safety consultant providing guidance to companies in Malawi and neighbouring countries that want to become certified.

      When I was Certification Manager at the Malawi Bureau of Standards, I received training from ITC in capacity building in food safety management systems. I was a trainee food safety consultant.

    • Client testimonials

      Andrew Otsieno

      CEO and Consultant, EMD-Kenya, Kenya

      Following my training and certification by ITC as an Enterprise Management Development Expert, I trained more than 450 enterprise owners/managers to improve their international competitiveness. I have also trained and mentored over 100 consultants for certification as enterprise management development advisers

      In addition, I have been involved in numerous business counselling sessions, strategic planning and organization assessments, as well as programme and project evaluations.

      In 2006, ITC certified EMD-Kenya as a national centre of Enterprise Management Development programmes. Our objective is to create internationally competitive enterprises and business management advisers.

    • Client testimonials

      Samuel Chani Otuteye

      CEO, Dibest Consult Limited; Lecturer at Methodist University College; Accra, Ghana

      ITC’s Business Management System (BMS) and tools enable us to work with local businesses and the donor community. We developed a manual and delivered training for 100 members of the Musicians Union of Ghana, conducted workshops on strategic planning for 30 SME managers and held a marketing clinic for 50 SMEs. We used BMS to restructure 22 government training institutions. ITC’s ACCESS! For African Businesswomen in International Trade was delivered to businesses in 2011 and 2012.

      BMS is the main tool used at Dibest. It enables quick diagnostics of and solutions for business problems. It is also the main tool we use for enterprise competitiveness training. We have provided services to several enterprises based in Ghana and worked on a study to increase the participation of women-owned businesses in the supply chains of corporations and buyers in the United Kingdom. I also conducted a research study on the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation (FLO) to provide a benchmark against which FLO’s value chain interventions and services could be measured.

    • Client testimonials

      William Babigumira

      Consultant/Director – Single Project Implementation Unit Consultant; Private Sector Federation Rwanda (PSFR)

      ITC was a reliable partner, providing support to develop the Uganda Export Promotion Board’s (UEPB) capabilities to promote and develop the export sector. ITC also supported us to develop and implement the nation’s export development agenda, ensuring that it had with a gender dimension.

      ITC trained UEPB staff in market information and intelligence management, export development, product development and export strategy. ITC provided technical assistance to develop various sector export strategies. This support helped position UEPB as a leader in export development.

      I benefitted from ITC’s Export Competitiveness and Enterprise Management Development programme, graduating as a Certified Trade Adviser. I was empowered to provide world-class advice to SMEs in competitive strategy, capability development and export management. I was selected to support ITC’s technical assistance initiatives in Uganda and Ghana

      I joined PSFR in 2014, at a pivotal time in Rwanda’s economic transformation. Thanks to ITC, I hope to help shape the country’s ambitious export development agenda and build a cadre of world-class export advisers in Rwanda. I hope to positively impact businesses by supporting their export readiness.

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