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    Colombian Trade promotion leads to services export boom.

    Thinking outside the box - and outside the border - has boosted Colombian service providers while creating trade links on a vastly enlarged scale, writes Maria Claudia Lacouture, the president of Proexport Colombia...

    Services sector in Barbados: Charting a new strategic direction

    Matching policy directives with a well-organized development plan can make all the difference when trying to harness the full potential of the services sector, writes BCSI Executive Director Lisa R. Cummins...

    Building sustainable tourism from endless natural beauty.jpg

    Realizing the potential of Colombia’s tourism industry with support from the government, the private sector and local communities..

    Apex-Brasil a study of internationalization.

    How Brazilian businesses are guided to become more competitive in international markets and attract foreign investors..

    Presenting results of the NTM survey in Peru

    The ITC survey in Peru and its part in creating workable policy options around non-tariff measures (NTMs) provide a benchmark for further surveys and follow-up activity...

    The story of Art Atlas Peru is proof that shrewd business and a commitment to social welfare can go hand in hand. Art Atlas Peru is an ecological and socially driven enterprise that produces sweaters and cardigans from the highest quality natural fibres,.....