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About the WTPO Awards

  • WTPO Awards

    The TPO Network Awards focus on outstanding performance of the TPO’s processes and practices in providing excellence in Export Development Initiatives.

    A key challenge faced by exporting SMEs is to compete effectively in international markets. Export development initiatives respond to the related needs of these SMEs by building their competencies to be enduring, competitive international players.

    TPOs must demonstrate value for money through their initiatives to ensure their own sustainability. TPOs measure and report the success of their export development initiatives through the positive changes experienced by their clients. Establishing and applying appropriate processes allow TPOs to measure such changes and the requisite outcomes.

    The WTPO Awards aim to identify and recognize those processes that have successfully contributed to strengthening the competitiveness of exporting enterprises or have made a significant and positive change towards reaching this objective.

    Entrants are invited to describe one specific export development initiative that illustrates how an individual or group of SMEs were assisted in strengthening their competitiveness and, as a result, entered or re-entered the global market as strong competitors.


    Awards model

    To ensure a fair comparison of diverse TPO practices ITC developed a standard approach for describing processes and procedures and for reviewing entries. The WTPO Awards are designed to consider three types of TPO initiatives, and each year a specific type of initiative can be selected for review. The three types of initiatives are:

    • Export promotion initiatives: activities aimed at generating sustainable exports in a relatively short term;
    • Export development initiatives: activities aimed at building the capacities of exporting enterprises in the medium and longer term;
    • Corporate social responsibility initiatives: activities aimed at raising awareness on issues of general interest and contribute to the public good, for example, issues such as discrimination, the environment, etc.
  • WTPO AWARDS 2022

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