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Jury and evaluation process

  • The WTPO Awards Jury is responsible for evaluating the WTPO Award applications. It comprises the senior representatives of the previous WTPO Award winners, the hosts of the current and previous WTPO Conference and ITC¹. ITC’s Executive Director chairs the panel.


     2018 Jury


    • International Trade Centre


    • Business France
    • International Trade Board of Madagascar (ITBM)
    • International Trade Centre
    • Moroccan Investment Development Agency (AMDIE)
    • Promotora de Comercio Exterior de Costa Rica (PROCOMER)


    • International Trade Centre


     Evaluation process

    Stage 1

    ITC administers the processing of all entries throughout the Awards process.

    Stage one entries are reviewed to ensure:

    • the entrant information is complete;
    • a designated authority has approved the entry;
    • the initiative submitted for an award aligns within the award category definitions;
    • the initiative meets the described criteria described page 8 of the Entry Guide (EN).

    ITC compiles the entries for the jury. The jury members individually review the entries against the described criteria and verify with ITC the entries for Stage 2.

    Stage 2

    ITC compiles the submitted Stage 2 entries for the jury ensuring completing and compliance with the formatting and length.

    The jury score each entry individually against the core criteria for Stage 2 (described on pages 9-10 of the Entry Guide) and submit their scores to ITC.

    Scoring and selection

    Submissions are scored on a 1-5 scale across a number of criteria. The scores are tabulated by ITC, creating a shortlist of entries.

    In the event that scoring in any area shows a wide variation among the individual jury members, the evaluation cycle reverts to the Delphi method. This method provides the opportunity for building a consensus. ITC seeks an explanation from the member(s) who submitted the outlier scores. The justification is shared with the rest of the panel members to facilitate a consensus.

    The jury validate the winners at the verification meeting held on the eve of the WTPO conference.



    Jury members are requested to register any conflict of interest they have in a candidate’s entry. Such interests may arise from previous or ongoing professional or personal connections with the TPOs applying for the Awards. The register aims to protect against a possible conflict between a jury member’s duty and her or his other interests. By registering an interest in an entry, a panel member disqualifies her or himself from voting for the identified TPO.

    ¹ITC has a strict non-voting role.

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