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What is the entry process

  • The awards follow a two-stage process:

    The Stage 1 Entry Form allows entrants to submit an export development initiative for evaluation, together with their contact information and authorization to enter. At this stage you may submit up to five different initiatives. Please complete a separate Stage 1 Entry Form for each initiative entered into the Awards.

    Stage 1 entries will be assessed to ensure the initiative fits the core criteria. Qualifying entrants will then be invited to submit a more comprehensive Stage 2 entry. If more than one entry from a TPO goes forward, the TPO will need to decide which initiative to submit for Stage 2.

    The WTPO Awards Entry Guide provides detailed information about the entry process and evaluation criteria.

    Check-List for Stage 1 Entries 

    Entries are now closed

    Required information for future participation in the WTPO Awards: 

    Part A: TPO contact information (please complete all fields)

    Part B: Authorization to enter (signed and dated by the CEO or duly designated official and in pdf format)

    Part C: Award category: The category for which the initiative is being submitted is selected

    Part D: The entry: Please ensure the description of the export development initiative follows the criteria described in the Entry Guide:

      1. Focus of the initiative: What problem does the initiative aim to solve?
      2. Defining features: How does the initiative respond to the identified client needs? What are the distinguishing features of the initiative (specific partnerships, unique tools employed, training, counselling)? Note: the need for the initiative must have been identified or re-confirmed within the within the last two years.
      3. Achieving objectives: How do you know you are succeeding? Describe what change you expect from the initiative (e.g. creating awareness, attitude change, change in managerial behaviour, improving competitiveness, sustainable exports)
      4. Target audience: What are the distinguishing characteristics of the clientele (profile, size)?
      5. Service design and delivery: How did you design and deliver the service? How did this approach ensure you would achieve your objectives described in question 3?

    NOTE: Stage 1 entries exceeding 700 words for Part D will be disqualified. All four parts of the Entry Form must be submitted together. Email the pdf and Word versions of your entry form to wtpo-awards@intracen.org.


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    Should you like further information about the WTPO Awards process and when the next edition opens, please contact: wtpo-awards@intracen.org  



  • WTPO AWARDS 2022

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