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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Entries for the WTPO Awards 2022 are now closed. (normal size and red)

    Who can enter?

    The WTPO Awards are open to all trade support institutions officially recognized as the national organizations for trade promotion. Some of these organizations also engage in investment and/or tourism activities.


    What is the entry process?

    The WTPO Awards 2022 follow a two-stage process. The initial entry process, Stage 1, requires entrants to complete a short entry form providing a brief description of the export development initiative submitted for an award. Entrants may submit multiple entries at this stage. If more than one entry from a TPO qualifies for Stage 2, the TPO will need to decide which entry will go forward.

    At Stage 2, qualifying entrants will submit a comprehensive entry for evaluation by the jury. elaborating the processes and tools used to manage and offer the export development initiative, and provide evidence of its impact.


    What constitutes an ‘export development initiative'?

    When selecting your export development initiative, consider the following:

    • Does the initiative  aim to build the effective export competitiveness of SMEs; and/or
    • Does the initiative contribute to broader changes that lead or contribute to sustained export competitiveness such as raised awareness, attitude change and/or changes in SME managerial


    Which category should I enter?

    Consider what is most salient about your initiative. Is there a practice or process related to the awards criteria for Stage 2 for which you feel your TPO has excelled at when offering export development initiatives? Have you developed innovative partnerships to deliver an export development initiative? Was using information technology a key innovation that improved efficiency in the design, delivery, monitoring or measurement of the initiative? Does your initiative align with one of the SDGs listed for an award in this category?


    Can a TPO enter more than one category for each entry?

    An entry may fit in more than one category. It is best to select the category that best aligns with the purpose of the initiative. Should an entry submitted for more than one category be accepted for Stage 2, the entrant will need to choose in which category it will submit its final application.


    Can a TPO submit more than one entry?

    A TPO may submit up to five different entries for Stage 1


    When is the entry deadline?

    Entries closed on 3 December 2021.


    When will I know if I can submit a Stage 2 entry

    Entrants were informed of their qualifying status on 17 January 2022.


    Can a TPO re-submit an entry from previous awards if it matches one of the new categories?

    A TPO may re-submit a previous entry if the initiative is still current. For consideration by the jury, the entry must comply with the instructions in the Entry Guide.


    Do entries need to be in English?

    To facilitate the judging process all entries must be in English.

    If you would like to receive the Entry Guide in French or Spanish, please contact the WTPO Awards team at wtpo-awards@intracen.org.


    When and where is the Awards ceremony?

    The awards ceremony will take place during the gala dinner at the 13th WTPO Conference, in Accra, Ghana on 17 May 2022 during the gala dinner of the 13th WTPO Conference, at the Labadi Beach Hotel, Accra, Ghana.  


    Whom can I ask for help?

    We are here to answer your questions about the awards process and to provide assistance in completing your Stage 1 and Stage 2 entries. Please contact us at wtpo-awards@intracen.org.


  • WTPO AWARDS 2022

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    For more information, please email us at: tponetwork[at]intracen.org