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    ITC’s Trade Strategy Programme empowers partner countries to develop, manage and implement home-grown trade development strategies.

    ITC trade strategies provide partner countries with ambitious yet realistic blueprints for sustainable export development. Leveraging decades of experience, ITC is able to provide partner countries with specific and custom-made solutions to critical development challenges. Our commitment to sustainable export development goes beyond simply designing strategies; we assist partner countries to implement strategies and mobilize international donor resources.

    Our approach is centred on ensuring partner countries gain the experience to independently design and implement their own trade development strategies. Therefore, technical assistance is built into the strategy design and implementation process.

    ITC has been facilitating the development of trade strategies since 2003, during which time we have developed more than 100 strategies in more than 70 countries.

    ITC’s Trade Strategy Programme1

    Why have a national export strategy?

    Trade is a recognized motor for development. A national export strategy advances the power of trade to build sustainable economic development. However, trade does not happen by accident but rather by design.

    National export strategies provide a considered approach that helps countries reap the benefits of their trade policies and integrate into the global economy. Strategies are designed to reduce economic vulnerabilities and build a resilient economy.

    A trade strategy sets priorities, allocates resources and specifies actions to boost competitiveness, build value addition, and develop new markets. It coordinates stakeholders from the public sector, the private sector, and civil society to work together towards common goals.

    Ultimately, a trade development strategy provides countries with a key to catalyse job creation, boost incomes, increase foreign exchange earnings, and unlock socio-economic growth. ITC trade strategies place special emphasis on providing opportunities for women, young people, low-skilled workers and remote communities.

    Impact of a national export strategy

    ITC-facilitated strategies make trade happen. Strategies create impact at two levels: competitiveness and development impact.
    ITC’s Trade Strategy Programmec

    Learn more about ITC’s trade development strategies

    You can find out more about ITC’s trade development strategies by browsing the pages below:

    • Ongoing strategies: Find out more about the range of strategies ITC is currently facilitating for our partner countries.
    • Strategy portfolio: Find out more about the range of strategy solutions offered by ITC.
    • Experience: Find out more about ITC’s extensive global experience.
    • Featured: Take an in-depth look at highlighted national export strategies.
    • Strategy design principles: Find out the principles that guide ITC’s strategy philosophy.
    • The ITC approach: Learn more about ITC’s strategy design process.
    • The ITC advantage: Find out why ITC’s strategies are better positioned to enable partner countries to boost economic development.
    • Implementation management support: Find out more about ITC's Implementation Management Support package which ensures that strategies result in concrete action
    • Endorsements: Read what our partners have to say about the impact of ITC strategies in their countries.
    • Partner organisations: View the list of international partners ITC has collaborated with to design development strategies for our partner countries
    • Trade Strategy Map: Browse ITC’s database of country and sector strategies.
    • Request a proposal: Ready to contact ITC? Find out more about the process of starting an export strategy with ITC support.

    If you would like to learn more about ITC's trade development strategies, please contact us.



    Enquiries should be directed to:

    Anton Said

    Chief, Trade Development Strategies Programme
    +41 (0)22 730-0588

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