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    ITC national export strategies

    The most comprehensive strategy solution that ITC offers is the national export strategy (NES). Each NES is composed of a master strategic framework document, detailed strategies for priority sectors and individual strategies for key trade support functions.

    As part of our inclusive approach, ITC strongly believes that each country’s strategy should be publicly accessible. Some recent examples of ITC-facilitated strategy solutions can be found below:

    pub-myanmarMyanmar. ITC and Myanmar worked under the vision of “Sustainable export-led growth and prosperity for an emerging Myanmar”.
    Priority sectors included tourism, forestry products, fishery products, rice, rubber, textile, and beans, pulses and oilseeds.
    Priority functions included access to finance, trade information, quality management, and trade facilitation.

    pub2Palestine. ITC and Palestine worked under the vision of “Export-led prosperity, made in Palestine”.
    Priority sectors included olive oil, agro-processed meat, furniture, footwear, garments, tourism, ICT, and stone and marble.
    Priority functions included access to finance, quality management, trade information, and trade facilitation and logistics.

    pub-St. LuciaSt. Lucia. ITC and St. Lucia worked under the vision of “Uniquely Saint Lucian with a global appeal”.
    Priority sectors included ICT, creative industries, renewable energy, tourism, and food and beverages.
    Priority functions included access to finance, trade facilitation, innovation, and skills development and education services.

    Sector strategies

    ITC has designed sector specific strategies for more than 50 sectors:


    Trade support function strategies

    These strategies are designed to strengthen key trade support areas that benefit all sectors of the economy:

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    Click on image to download. 

    Functional strategies have included areas such as:

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    All our strategies can be downloaded from Trade Strategy Map.

    If you would like to learn more about ITC's trade development strategies, please contact us.



    Enquiries should be directed to:

    Anton Said

    Chief, Trade Development Strategies Programme
    +41 (0)22 730-0588

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