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    Digital technologies are rapidly transforming the way we live and work, with Information Communication Technologies (ICT) playing an increasingly critical role, both as an export sector in itself as well as a productive activity that supports growth in other areas.

    This is why ITC has developed a portfolio of offerings on e-Strategies which include the areas of software sector development, digital trade and export of IT-enabled services. Another component of the e-Strategy portfolio are ITC's traditional sector strategies augmented with an e-commerce survey that allows stakeholders to assess the sector’s readiness for e-commerce.

    ITC actively works to bridge the digital divide by assisting partner countries in developing home grown e-Strategies which combine robust and insightful analytical expertise with our pragmatic, action-oriented trade strategy design methodology. These e-Strategies offer in-depth analysis of a sector’s development, assess it’s needs, identify potential opportunities and formulate clear solutions for upgrading value chains digital potential.

    Based on our over 15 years’ of experience, ITC e-Strategy solutions aim to bring partner countries onto the e-highway and deliver impact by upgrading existing value chains, enhancing competitiveness and addressing developmental concerns in order to maximize each sectors contributions to broad-based socio-economic development.

    In the area of Information and Communication Technology services, ITC has most recently developed Sector Export Strategies in both Palestine and Cote- d’Ivoire which form key components of each partners desire to move towards more knowledge-based economies. In Mauritius ITC has also facilitated the design of a Sector Export Strategy for the country’s Software Development industry, which aims to harness the sectors strengths and capitalize on its growth potential. Currently, ITC is also conducting ongoing e-strategy design initiatives in Rwanda (IT/BPO sector), Sri Lanka (IT / BPM sector) and the Gambia (ICT sector).

    A video introduction to e-Strategies

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    Enquiries should be directed to:

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