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AIM for Results

  • Subject to availability of funds, ITC also provides technical assistance to TISIs in implementing their PIRM. We also work institutions to identify potential implementation partners and donors and approach them.

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    By the end of the engagement under AIM, participating TISIs will have a system in place that will allow them to measure results and learn from the evaluation of its own performance. The performance measurement system also enables the TISIs to better demonstrate the results or value that it adds to its stakeholders.

    Under AIM For Results, the implementation of the Performance Improvement Roadmap is concluded with another benchmarking of the institution to evaluate the improvement made by the institution during the course of ITC’s assistance. You will find below the example of Maroc Export, which has substantially increased its score at that occasion.


    ITC’s full-fledged performance-improvement approach focuses on measurable results and follows a comprehensive approach is called AIM for Results: Assess, Improve and Measure TISI performance.

    Whenever required, ITC also organises ad-hoc capacity building activities. In particular, we train managers of membership-based institutions on driving membership and revenue growth.

    AIM For Results is designed to improve the managerial and operational performance of Trade and Investment Promotion Organizations (TIPOs), Chambers of Commerce, sector associations and other functional trade support institutions. We work with dozens of institutions across the globe.

    Stronger, better performing TISIs are able to better support their small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) clients to be more competitive and internationalise. More competitive SMEs that have access to international markets and are able to attract investors can grow faster, create more jobs with higher levels of productivity and incomes, which are essential instruments in the reduction of poverty and inequality.

    Trade promotion pays - both in export and GDP growth, according to this ITC report. The way trade promotion agencies are managed also changes their impact on a country’s prosperity.

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    AIM For Results starts with the assessment phase, a thorough review of a TISI’s processes and performance through an independent and objective assessment of their efficiency and their performance in relation to the good business practices of similar organizations. It is intended as an improvement tool for TISI decision-makers such as managers and senior staff responsible for strategic planning and operational management.

    The methodology uses a comprehensive set of benchmark measures, developed specifically for organizations that provide trade development and promotion support across 225 key indicators. The benchmarking helps to identify strengths and weaknesses in comparison with other similar organizations under four main areas of performance, which are scored individually and aggregated in an overall score. The diagram below illustrates how the data is rendered graphically in the resulting report, which also includes narratives on each strength and weakness of the institution:

    The results below are generated from ITC's Benchmarking assessments conducted with TSIs who have participated in programme to date. The results show the maximum, minimum and average levels of performance reached by participating institutions.



     Source: TISI benchmarking

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    After the benchmarking assessment, the next stage is to design a performance improvement plan where ITC works jointly with the TISIs to identify key areas of improvement for the institution, based on the weaknesses identified in the first phase. This is charted out in a Performance Improvement Roadmap (PIRM), which outlines a phased programme for implementation to address identified weaknesses in an institution’s managerial and operational performance, which is described in the diagram below:



    zahra Maarifi

    Source: Challenge Maroc

    Using a mix of capacity building and advisory services, ITC helps TISIs to:

    • Formulate an impact assessment framework
    • Select relevant and efficient data collection methods
    • Customize the impact assessment system to TISIs’ service portfolios
    • Translate the results of the services into reports for governments and stakeholders.

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    If you are interested in the ITC’s TISI Strengthening Programme and the AIM For Results approach, please contact the following person:

    Anne Chapaz

    Chief, TISI Strengthening Section

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