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    Boosting exports from Peru's northern corridor

    Exporters of agricultural products in Peru’s northern Amazonian corridor are getting a helping hand from ITC, working with national and local TSIs, to overcome the many challenges they face in trying to develop new markets abroad and diversify their offering.

    Cambodian silk entrepreneurs

    Life is changing for 21-year-old Sreymom Heng, who lives with her parents in the village of Mreas Prov, in Cambodia’s southern Takeo province. She is one of 700 weavers who have seen a nearly 40% increase in their income thanks to the two-year ITC project...

    Taking jewellery to the Louvre - from Jordan

    Glittering display cases at the Louvre Museum’s gift shop in Paris represent a brand-new business opportunity for Jordanian jewellery designer Nadia Dajani. Her distinctive pieces, composed of sterling silver and natural gemstones, are sold at the prestigious location as a result of the assistance of EnACT, an ITC programme.


    ITC, lead agency of the Vietnamese Joint Programme for Green Production and Trade, has agreed to set up close cooperation with CBI’s Export Coaching Programme to support the country's home decoration and home textiles sector together...


    Artisans from the Caribbean will showcase their products in Santo Domingo at an event designed to expose their companies to international markets. The Design Caribbean trade show, which will be held September 1 – 4, 2011, is the culmination of...


    Designers in the Dominican Republic, Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica are gaining valuable exposure to international processes and practices in the field of product design as the International Trade Centre (ITC) holds workshops aimed at honing the skills...


    Reliable data on the effect of handicrafts exports on Caribbean economies is key to increasing the sector’s potential in the region, concluded participants of a seminar for Caribbean creative industry exporters. The event, which took place in Santa...


    Creative industries can contribute significantly to economic growth in the Caribbean, but first good and timely information on the sector is needed, the International Trade Centre (ITC) will tell ministers and top officials at a meeting later this month.The...


    Producers of sustainable Vietnamese handicrafts, created with the help of ITC, were put on display at the LifeStyle Viet Nam trade fair in Ho Chi Min City in April. The fair, organized by the country’s handicraft exporters association – VIETCRAFT...


    Some 4,000 farming and craft-producing households in four northern provinces of Viet Nam will benefit from a multi-agency programme, led by ITC, which was launched recently with funding from Spain’s Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Achievement Fund...

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