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World Export Development Forum 2017 - Highlights

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    Highlights: World Export Development Forum 2017

    Making trade work for 99-01.jpg

    ‘Trade in action: We have discussed how to make it more inclusive and sustainable, how to make sure it works for the 99%, but more importantly, we have seen this is perfectly possible. This is what companies have told us today.’

    Trade for the 99%

    Trade for the 99 Interview with ACP and CNBC Africa.jpg      Trade for the 99  Session livestream.jpg

    Interview with ACP and CNBC Africa            Making Trade Work for the 99%


    Green Opening session-01.jpg      Green Means Business-01.jpg  

    Opening session                                            Green Means Business                           

    Green - Session livestream - From Waste to Wealth-01.jpg           

    From Waste to Wealth              

    Scaling up agribusiness

    Scaling up agribusiness -  The Gambias Momarr Taal-01.jpg      Meet entrepreneurs - B2Bs DAY1-01.jpg    

    #AgricultureIsCool: The Gambia’s Momarr Taal     Doing business (day 1)

    Meet entrepreneurs - B2Bs DAY2-01.jpg      Interview with African contest finalists - Pitch preview-01.jpg    

    Doing business (day 2)                                 Young entrepreneurs pitch preview

    Interview with pitch competition winner - One-on-one-01.jpg      Session livestream - Pitch your idea-01.jpg

     One-on-one: pitch competition winner        Pitch Your idea

     Session livestream - Moving from Agriculture to Agribusiness-01.jpg            

     Moving from Agriculture to Agribusiness



    SheTrades, Making It Happen        


    Digital - Interview with eBay Russia.jpg      Expanding Digital Trade-01.jpg      

    Interview with eBay Russia                          Expanding Digital Trade        

    Innovative partnerships

    Interview with Sri Lankan leaders.jpg      Innovative partnerships - innovation for Trade Competitiveness-01.jpg    

    Interview with Sri Lankan leaders                  Innovation for Trade Competitiveness  

    Innovative partnerships -  The Netherlands Trust Fund-01.jpg

    Partnership: The Netherlands Trust Fund              

    Regional trade routes

    Regional trade routes - Interview with CGTN and ITC.jpg      Regional trade routes - Interview with Hungarian and Sri Lankan leaders.jpg

    Interview with CGTN and ITC                     Hungary & Sri Lanka: New economic cooperation

    Regional trade routes - New Regional Trade Routes-01.jpg

    New Regional Trade Routes


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