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    The Youth and Trade programme aims to improve the income opportunities of young entrepreneurs by connecting them to international markets. The programme has a set of bespoke tools and methodologies to deliver on this objective.

    Youth and Trade Roadmaps for policymakers

    What is a Youth and Trade Roadmap?

    A Youth and Trade Roadmap (YTR) is an inclusive process based on public-private dialogue to develop a shared vision for the role of youth in a country’s trade development objectives. It is based on a common understanding of:

    • A country’s priority sectors for trade development and the value chains with the highest potential for youth involvement.
    • The opportunities and constraints for including young entrepreneurs in these value chains.
    • A time and resource-bound Plan of Action setting out what needs to be done, by whom, to better integrate youth into target value chains.

    Who are they for?

    Governments to drive and coordinate the activities of TISIs, international organisations and other partners.

    Trade Accelerators for youth-owned SMEs


    ITC’s Trade Accelerator is designed to help SMEs owned by young entrepreneurs succeed and to provide them support to grow, particularly by “going international”. The Trade Accelerator closes a gap in the market for on-demand business support to young entrepreneurs to internationalise their business.



    What is a Trade Accelerator?

    A Trade Accelerator is an ecosystem of support for youth-owned SMEs, managed by a host institution, and delivered by trainers, advisers and mentors. It provides youth-owned SMEs with tailored services specific to their needs, to help them gain a sustainable presence in international markets.


    Trade Accelerators prepare young entrepreneurs for the challenges of international expansion and support them in their transition to focus their business on international markets. To do this, the accelerator offers services combining training, coaching, mentoring, customized institutional support and access to finance. After completing the trade accelerator program, the participating young entrepreneurs will be able to:

    • Make strategic choices needed to strengthen their competitiveness
    • Better understand the international market environment, best practices, potential risks and related risk management strategies
    • Develop a business expansion plan validated by experts
    • Build linkages with potential buyers, partners and investors

    Monitoring and evaluation

    In order to systematically measure, learn and improve the effectiveness of the Trade Accelerator program, a monitoring and evaluation framework based on the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) Standard is currently being developed with support from the ILO’s Fund for Evaluation in Youth Employment.

    E-Learning for Young Entrepreneurs

    The e-learning course package for young entrepreneurs available through ITC SME Trade Academy introduces a range of international business concepts and builds their trade capacity. The knowledge gained will assist young entrepreneurs to consider, assess, and plan expanding their business internationally.



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